Electrical Safety Solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are used to store power (often from a renewable source) for later use during a critical time. The benefits of these systems include cost savings, clean energy, reduced downtime, and more!

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Are you spending too much time and money troubleshooting unknown faults/failures on your microgrids and energy storage systems? Envision a technology that offers the following benefits: 

Ensures system remains uninterrupted/online
Electrical issues can be detected and located while keeping the installation fully energized.

Reduced maintenance costs
Significant decrease in maintenance costs due to the accuracy of detection and decreased need for human interaction with the system.

Automatically locates faults
Automatic fault location of AC and DC faults eliminates the need for shutting down an inverter during operation.

Increased safety
Ground-fault location at packs and modules minimizes battery fire risk (with quick repair).

BESS most commonly operate as ungrounded systems, which means all line conductors are intentionally isolated from the ground. Although these systems can continue to work with a single ground fault, it is vital to indicate and clear the first fault as quickly as possible. If the fault is not cleared, a second fault develops, and a line-to-line short will occur. Bender’s insulation monitoring devices (IMDs) will give advanced notice of a first fault condition, allowing for time to correctly identify and clear the fault before a catastrophic issue arises. Bender offers a wide range of IMDs for virtually all BESS, from small-scale deployments to large-scale, utility-grade systems.


Easily locate faults.

ESS Ungrounded Drawing

This drawing depicts a ground-fault detection and location setup that provides localized detection to each battery bank and inverter on an ungrounded system.


Here, the iso685 will detect ground faults on the DC section and non-isolated AC section. When a ground fault is detected, the iso685 will automatically begin assisting with ground fault location. The fault location system (EDS) and current transformers will then tell the iso685 which circuit the fault was detected on. All of the information on the fault detection and location process is reported in real-time via the iso685 interface.

BESS Webinar Screenshot

Did you miss our Lounge & Learn on BESS and PV systems, or would you like to re-watch it? In this one-hour presentation you can learn about:

  • Ungrounded vs. solidly grounded BESS systems
  • Automatic location of faults
  • Ground fault detection for PV arrays