This webinar will highlight the national code requirements for testing on a healthcare facility’s isolated power system (IPS), as well as additional services that can be performed to maximize the safety and longevity of the system. We’ll look at NFPA and NEC specifications for new systems, as well as the CMS K-tag requirements for ongoing maintenance. We will also discuss the specialized maintenance services offered by Bender Inc., including upgrades and additional safety modules, and how to identify specific needs for improvements in individual systems. 


Join us for this Webinar to discover more about isolated power testing requirements and field service offerings for healthcare facilities.

Key Topics Covered

  • NFPA and NEC specifications for new systems.

  • CMS K-tag requirements

  • Specialized Maintenance Services

    • Upgrades safety modules

    • Identify specific needs for improvement



Rachael McQuiggan

Field Service Supervisor, Medical Division

Rachael McQuiggan joined the Bender team as the Service Coordinator and Development Specialist in 2019. Coming from a background in both sales and project management, she specializes in organizing teams and growing opportunities for partners and customers. With Bender’s Service Team, Rachael has worked to coordinate services in healthcare facilities in nearly all 50 states to complete both new installation projects as well as retrofits and preventative maintenance projects, and is focused on expanding both the service team and service offerings to further provide for existing and new healthcare locations.