Join us for a webinar as we explore 6/20mA sensor technology for the ground fault protection of AC/DC power circuits in EV Charging stations. The potential for superimposed DC currents onto AC systems during the EV charging process poses interesting technological hurdles that must be overcome. This presentation will describe the subject in more detail and analyzes the problem from the electrical safety side.

Key Topics Covered

  • AC/DC mA 
  • Current sensors
  • CCID
  • DC blinding


torsten gruhn
Torsten Gruhn

Head of EV Sales

Torsten Gruhn started out as a certified electrical motor rewinder in Germany. After graduating from trade school, Torsten has worked with nearly everything electrical that can produce or transform power. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University GH in Paderborn, Germany with the emphasis on power generation, transmission and distribution. Torsten's main focus as Head of Bender's EV Division is new business development, sales and the support of ground fault protection equipment in automotive markets.