Mining uses resistance grounding for many power distribution applications. Power circuits used in extraction must trip in the presence of a ground fault. This is different than other high resistance grounding offerings, but they provide a degree of safety. 


Join us for a webinar as we discuss some of the global code requirements and best practices.  

Key Topics Covered

  • Ground Faults on portable loads
  • Transfer of potential
  • Touch potential
  • Grounding resistors and safety grounds
  • Monitoring resistors
    • Codes and best practices
  • Ground conductor monitoring
  • Applications:
    • NGRM installations and RC48C ground-check relays
    • Interesting application in Mexico – Centinela


Jeff Glenney
Jeff Glenney, P.Eng.

Head of HRG Sales (Americas)

Jeff Glenney, P.Eng. has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and is a registered Professional Engineer. He has over 25 years of experience in the electrical protection relay market with various manufacturers. Jeff is an active member of IEEE and co-authored several papers including “Type B Ground-Fault Protection on Adjustable Frequency Drives“. He is currently chair of the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop Industry Segment Development Subcommittee and is active in IEC/IEEE/ISO JWG 28 Utility Connections in Port (80005 series of standards). He has worked with many end customers and design engineers to assist in applying protective relays to meet their system needs.