In operating theatres, fast detection of critical operating conditions is extremely important because it can protect lives. The COMTRAXX enabled alarm indicators and operator panels  provide an optimum overview of all connected systems at all times, and remotely alert staff in the event of a fault and ensure convenient control of the entire operating theatre technology. Bender’s latest COMTRAXX®  product creates a user-friendly bridge between theatre staff and installed technology, providing clinical teams with a simple and intuitive web based interface for hassle free operation.


Join us for this Lounge & Learn to learn why remote communications are so important in an hospital environment, as well as learn about the features and benefits of our COMTRAXX enabled devices. 

Key Topics Covered

  • Importance of Isolated Power in operating rooms
  • Importance of remote communications
  • Explore key benefits such as:
    • Remotely configure Bender devices
    • Datalogging capability
    • Remote alarm indications
    • Various  product / interface options


Sunny Singh

Product Manager, Medical Division

Sunny Singh has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia. He started his career an Applications Engineer for liquid level instrumentation serving various industrial markets. He is currently a Product Manager for Bender Inc.'s medical division and he has been with Bender since 2018. Sunny works primarily with Bender's healthcare products to support product development and provide technical support to the organization.